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  ladies and gentlemen:

  it’s our great honor and deepest pleasure to welcome you, our dear friends, both old and new from all over china, all over asia, and all over the world.

  on behalf of our dedicated classmates, our distinguished teachers, foreign friends, especially our gracious host, the no.2 longgang high school ,we greet you and encourage you to seize upon this unique opportunity to conquer english and make lifelong friends with people from every province of our wonderful country and throughout the world. by conquering english, we can help ourselves and others.

  we are human beings, not animals. we know what we want to do. we know our destiny is in our hands. with hard work and determination, we can do anything we set our minds to do.

  from today on we will accompany you day and night every minute on this unique journey.

  we want you to open your heart.

  we want you to be devoted.

  we want you to be crazy.

  we want you to forget about your face.

  we want you to open your mouth wildly.

  we want you to broaden your mind.

  we want you to expand your horizons.

  we want you to conquer your laziness and all your other human weaknesses.

  we want you to overcome all the obstacles that hold you back.

  we want to share your joy and we want to share your struggle, but most important of all, we want to share your glory and victory!

  we are the future of china, the future of asia, and the future of the world!

  we can make the world a better place.

  we can make a difference.

  we desire to win.

  we must win!

  we will win, absolutely, and without any doubt!

  from painfully shy children who felt terrible about ourselves, who regarded ourselves as human trash, born losers, to internationally recognized english promoters, we made it. we strongly believe that you will make it too!

  let’s do it together!

  we have confidence in you!


  good morning/afternoon!

  first thing first, i gotta say,wow,it's funny thing to be given a chance like that.trurh be told,i really got a little bit nervous before i stand right here ,so called 'stage fright'.if you look specifically on me .you may find my hands shaking,pretty assembles the guy who suffered from pakinson's disease,and legs wobbling ,like i caught so-called ball leg. okay,let's stop going around the bush and get back to my topic today.i really like to talk a funny story i have just heard.

  a lady called lucy emigrated to united states several years ago.her spoken english is not that fluent .and one day,she is just sitting on the couch with his u.s friends mandy watching sit-com.a noise of bump had the attention of mandy,which led her to go out of the house trying to figure out what had happened.can you imagine that mandy go straight out with merely a sweater.so lucy shouted at her,"lucy ,turn your clothes on." what suprised her most,beyond her wildest imagination, is that almost all the male in this country took their head out of the window.admittedly,lucy made a mistake here .the word spitted means mandy is totally naked to the reason that male looked out of the window.the right sentence shall be,"put your clothing on."the story inspires you to take a careful look on the vast difference between eastern and western culture.

  that's full of it,thank you for your time!


  i have a dream every one has his own dream.when i was a little kid ,my dream was even to have a candy shop of my own .but now ,when i am 16 years old ,standing here ,my dreams have already changed a lot.

  i have got quite different experience from other girls.while they were playing toys at home,while they were dreaming to be the princesses in the story .i was running in the hard rain,jumping in the heavy snow,pitching in the strong wind.nothing could stop me ,because of a wonderful call from my heart -- to be an athlete.yeah ,of course ,i'm an athlete,i'm so proud of that all the time .

  when i was 10 years old ,i became a shot-put athlete.the training was really hard ,i couldn't bear the heavy shot in my hands .but i always believe that "god only help those who help themselves".during those hard days,i find i was growing more quickly than others of the same age.to be an athlete is my most correct choice.but,i quit my team after entering high school because of a silly excuse.i really didn't want to stop my sports career anyway.

  today i say to you my friends that even though i must face the difficulties of yesterday ,today and tomorrow .i still have a dream .it is a dream deeply rooted in my soul.

  i have a dream that one day ,i can run,jump and pitch just like i used to be.

  i have a dream that one day , i can go back to my dream sports and join the national team.

  i have a dream that one day ,i can stand on the highest place at the olympic games.with all the cameras pointing at me.i will tell everyone that i'm so proud to be a chinese athlete!

  this is my hope .this is the faith that i continue my steps with!!!

  with this faith ,i will live though the strong wind and heavy rain ,never give up !

  so let victory ring from my heart,from all of you.when we allow victory to ring .i must be the one!

  in my imagination,i'm a bird ,a magical bird.i carry my dreams all with me by my big wings. i fly though the mountains ,though the forests ,over the sea,to the sun ,the warmest place in the aerospace!

  every night ,i have a dream ,i see a girl ---smiling!


  good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

  some of us are having problems with our parents, as they often look into our school bags or read our diaries. i fully understand why we are not comfortable about it, but there’s no need to feel too sad. our parents are checking our bags or diaries to make sure we’re not getting into any trouble. they have probably heard some horrible stories about other kids and thought we might do the same. or perhaps they just want to connect with us but are doing it all wrong. my suggestion is: tell them we want them to trust us as much as we’d like to trust them. if you don’t think you can talk to them, write them a letter and leave it lying around—they are bound to read it.

  thank you!


  good morning everyone, today is my turn to the speech. first of all, i would like to say that a quick test, we hope that the good preparation, good test for all, is the only way home for a good year. my english is not high, i wish i could within the next two years to learn english well. i hope you will be able to learn english after graduation to have a good future. finally, i wish the students and teachers a happy new year, further study and work. well! i finished the speech. thank you for listening。





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